Silvia comes from a family of designers and linguists. She does have a strong background in design, marketing, including digital marketing,PR and photography.


Silvia graduates from University of Bedfordshire in 2012 gaining Bachelors degree in

Graphic Design and Illustration but also goes on specialising in Visual Merchandising in London College of Arts later on. Throughout the years she attends numerous courses in

Marketing gaining at least 3 diplomas in that field ,

Silvia holds an entourage of skills vital for every company's presence and brand appraisal.

Silvia enjoys Arts & Photography 

in all their forms.

She successfully runs her own Creative Studio concentrating on design and fashion photography services.When not working she enjoys time with her family, particularly loves a BBQ on the weekend or to spend time with her horse Bentley.

Particularly loves visiting museums, galleries and having a cuppa out with a good friend.