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What to expect from Property Management service?

As you may noticed already VG Homes offers not only property sales and letting services but also a whole different type of service called Property Management.

Many people still do not know the difference so the team decided to put together one very basic list to work as a guidance and give all potential customers and landlords an idea of what they will receive if they let us manage their properties.

First and foremost - Setting the right rent price in accordance with your expectations but also responding to the local market. We will do the research , give you all the facts and numbers , discuss it with you and we can set the rent price together. That's what partners are for.

Second, advertising. We will take care to advertise what you have to offer using every possible channel there is.

On a third place we would screen tenants, do the necessary checks and make sure they meet the requirements set both by you, our standards here at VG Homes and the government guidelines and only then we will present them with the rent/ lease policies and conditions.

Another big part of the responsibilities a property management crew undertakes is the maintenance of the property left in our care. This would include maintaining the building's major systems on regular schedule; maintaining the landscaping of the property (eg. regular grass cutting and tending); make minor repairs after official notice to the landlord; contacting and setting agreements with service professionals where needed & providing the landlord with their quotes.

It is our responsibility to also have Legal Knowledge. That would mean we need to know the basic tools and legal aids to execute our profession as property managers but we also need to stay on top of things and know the new laws,trends and requirements.

Last but not least - we will have administrative function. That would mean rent collecting,regular checks of the properties you leave in our care as well as keeping record of everything for accountancy and other purposes.

If you are interested in our Property Management services do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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