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Updated: May 4, 2021


While most people associate the word “Luxury” with huge expenses, in fact, it is more about how something simply makes you feel - therefore, we associated luxury with a state of great comfort and elegance.

In addition, the decision to buy a New Build Home comes with the opportunity of freedom – freedom to design the home of your dreams, freedom to pick everything from the door handle to the colour of your walls and freedom to implement your own style, preferences and comfortable elements that fit within your budget to create just that – Your Luxury New Build Dream Home!

Today we present you top 10 reasons why it is better to buy a New Build Home


NEW HOME – NEW BEGINNINGS. The house is brand new - no one has ever lived there before, no one has used the appliances or the shower, no one has made any marks on the carpet or on the walls. There is simply nothing to clean or repair because everything is brand new. When you move into your new build home, everything will be brand new for you to use for the very first time – straight out of the box, meaning there is no need for you to worry for any renovations or refurbishments. It is a blank canvas - You can start from scratch when it comes to decorating or laying out the furniture. Nothing has been left behind that you have to get rid of and because it’s new, you don’t actually have to do anything to it at all. Just move in, unpack, relax and enjoy the comfort of your new dream home!

2. Peace of mind

Nowadays, when new build homes are built, there are certain regulations developers must meet, including, for example, using fire-resistant materials and wired in smoke alarms in order to ensure and guarantee the homeowners’ safety. Electrical precautions like circuit breakers are added to protect you as well, in the unlikely event of a fire. Also, with locks and doors having to meet the requirements of the British Standard Security Acts, the security is exceptional from the start. In addition, all new build properties are accompanied with a standard 10-year structural guarantee with leading housebuilding insurance companies and your security and fire safety systems are as up-to-date as can be, as are your appliances. With our New Build properties, integrated smoke alarms, fire doors and security measures come as standard.

3. The greener & better choice

New build homes are also considered greener than ever! They definitely are more environmentally friendly than older properties, and therefore cheaper to run. New build homes use modern heat-prevention technologies such as double glazing, wall and roof insulation and draft proofing, which means modern houses are better insulated, have more efficient boilers and appliances, there is no drafts round the windows and doors, the heating comes on and goes off when the button is pressed. That all means more money in your pocket because new build homes are faster and cheaper to heat, who doesn’t want that? Features such as dual-cistern toilet flushes and fitted showers means a decrease in water consumption, and with less money spent on heating, new build homes have a smaller carbon footprint than second-hand houses!

4. Support for buyers

New builds are now easier to buy than ever before with the “Help to Buy” support scheme! This is a fantastic government scheme which supports first time buyers looking to purchase a new build. Help to Buy acts as an equity loan, meaning the government lends you up to 20% of the cost of your newly built home, so you will only need a minimum 5% cash deposit and a 75% mortgage to make up the rest. Help to Buy is available only on new build homes less than £600,000. So, you can purchase 100% of your new home for just 80% of the cost, which gives you an amazing start into being a homeowner. The scheme ends in 2023, so time is ticking!

5. Designed for modern living

Many older homes on the market require renovation, however, new build homes are often designed with the modern homeowner in mind, so it is space-efficient and beautifully decorated. With a brand-new modern fitted kitchen and boiler, nothing could go wrong! New homes tend to have more than one bathroom, and often a one or two en-suites, utility room, plus open plan living/dining room and kitchen area which is better suited to families!

6. You will have the final say in the design process and create your dream home

Depending on whether you reserve your new home with us early enough, we offer a personalised & designed for you bespoke package, which will give you the privilege as an early buyer to personalise the interior as you like. Your new home is a blank canvas and you will be invited to have the final say and to choose from our range of fixtures and fittings, discussing closely with our expert in-house interior designer all the details! And with a whole new family home to decorate, you can create different moods throughout your home to suit all your needs and desires!

7. There’s no chain

You’re buying directly from the property developer so there should be no hold ups and delays with issues further down the chain.

8. More space & comfort

New Build Homes are usually more spacious than older properties - more living space in the house means you have lots of options – a bigger floor plan to play with in terms of design, more bedrooms, larger livings areas, more bathrooms, and more storage space. More rooms also mean more lifestyle choices. Depending on the size of your family, more rooms mean you can give children a bedroom each, have a spare guest room for sleepovers or reserve a room for a study or extra playroom/entertainment space. Or, if you are thinking of starting a home business, now you have a potential home office space as well.

In fact, statistics show that most of the new build homes are double storey houses as there is a huge demand for double storeys on the market. With a double storey home, you have the convenience of placing bedrooms upstairs away from the shared living spaces such as the kitchen, lounge and dining room. In other words, the top floor of a two-storey homes is designed to be your sanctuary – here you’ll find two very generous double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes, providing you with a place of calm and luxury away from the busy goings-on elsewhere in the house – just your space to relax and unwind and enjoy the comfort of your own home!

9. Flexibility

Your lifestyle may and most certainly will change over time and a double-storey home will always be able to adapt to your changed preferences – from providing the toddlers with a playroom to giving the teenagers more privacy and spending time with friends on a different floor from the other family members. What’s more, the beautiful garden will give you space to enjoy fresh air all year round, plant your own beautiful flowers to decorate your exterior, invite friends over for a barbeque & summer cocktails in the long warm summer days or just to enjoy the company of your four-legged tail-wagging best friend in the backyard!

10. You can secure it right now!

And last but not least, you can secure your dream New Build Double-Storey House right now and take advantage of your early buyer privilege to get involved in the design process of your dream home!

If we have already convinced you to start dreaming about your new home, do not hesitate to contact us and find out more information about our NEW BUILD two-storey modern country house with garage we have currently on the market FOR SALE FROM PLAN in a small village within the beautiful sought-after picturesque Clyde Valley area right on the banks of the famous River Clyde! The house will comprise a lobby, huge open plan kitchen and living/dining area & family bathroom and utility room on the ground floor with two spacious double bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and en-suites each on the first floor.

Sounds great right? That’s because it is! For a 3D virtual tour of the house, check out the video below!

If you are interested, get in touch and register your interest today!

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