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Today, we continue with our favourite Property of the Week Blog tradition.


The house is located in a small village within the picturesque Clyde Valley right on the banks of the famous River Clyde! We chose to present it not only because of its sought-after location right in the heart of the beautiful Clyde Valley but also because we would like to outline all of the advantages to buy a New Build House, especially from plan! We believe that with its rural charm and peaceful scenic surroundings, the house is located just in the perfect place for anyone who wants to get the best of both worlds – peaceful village lifestyle in combination with having all the amenities a short journey away!

1. Property Description

Our Double-Storey Country House will comprise a lobby, huge open plan kitchen and living/dining area & family bathroom and utility room on the ground floor with two spacious double bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and en-suites each on the first floor. In addition, the house benefits from a single garage and a private garden!

With the extra space of a double-storey house, you can create the perfect home to suit your family’s needs! Property market statistics show that most of the new build homes are double storey houses as there is a huge demand for double storeys currently among the buyers. With a double storey home, you have the convenience of placing bedrooms upstairs away from the shared living spaces such as the kitchen, lounge and dining room. In other words, the top floor of a two-storey homes is designed to be your sanctuary – here you’ll find two very generous double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes, providing you with a place of calm and luxury away from the busy goings-on elsewhere in the house – just your space to relax, unwind and enjoy the comfort of your own home! And with our spacious walk-in wardrobes, you will not have to worry about organising or finding space for your clothes, accessories & shoes.

If the best memories are made around the dinner table, then our bright and open plan living/dining area and modern kitchen are the ideal setting! Located on the ground floor, the dining space is great for intimate family mealtimes, family special occasion celebrations and inviting guests over. Wish to enjoy family movie nights? You can turn the living room into home cinema and have big entertaining movie nights with family & friends and lots of popcorns! You can keep the kids occupied in their very own playroom upstairs, especially in the rainy days and always have space for more and more toys or you can give your teenagers more privacy in their own room. Need peace and quiet? You can enjoy a nice book & an afternoon cup of tea in your beautiful garden, where you can enjoy fresh air all year round, plant your own beautiful flowers to decorate your exterior and bring more aesthetics to your home, invite friends over for a barbeque & summer cocktails in the long warm summer days or just to enjoy the company of your four-legged tail-wagging best friend in the backyard! And last but not least, the utility room will help you declutter and organise the rest of the house!

2. New Build Advantages


When you move into your new build home, everything will be brand new for you to use for the very first time – straight out of the box, meaning there is no need for you to worry for any renovations or refurbishments.

Moreover, nowadays, there are certain regulations developers need to meet while building new build homes – e.g., using fire-resistant materials, electrical precautions like circuit breakers, locks and doors need to meet the requirement of the British Standard Security Acts, etc. – in order to guarantee the homeowners’ safety. In addition, all our new build properties are accompanied with a standard 10-year structural guarantee.

Nowadays, when new build homes are built, there are certain regulations developers must meet, including, for example, using fire-resistant materials and wired in smoke alarms in order to ensure and guarantee the homeowners’ safety. Electrical precautions like circuit breakers are added to protect you as well, in the unlikely event of a fire. Also, with locks and doors having to meet the requirements of the British Standard Security Acts, the security is exceptional from the start. In addition, all new build properties are accompanied with a standard 10-year structural guarantee with leading housebuilding insurance companies and your security and fire safety systems are as up-to-date as can be, as are your appliances.

With our New Build properties, integrated smoke alarms, fire doors and security measures come as standard.

What’s more, new build homes use modern heat-prevention technologies such as double glazing, wall and roof insulation and draft proofing, which means modern houses are better insulated, have more efficient boilers and appliances, there is no drafts round the windows and doors, the heating comes on and goes off when the button is pressed. That all means more money in your pocket because new build homes are faster and cheaper to heat, who doesn’t want that? Features such as dual-cistern toilet flushes and fitted showers means a decrease in water consumption, and with less money spent on heating, new build homes have a smaller carbon footprint than second-hand houses!

3. Early Buyer Privilege

What’s more, the decision to buy a “New Build Home” comes with the luxury of freedom – freedom to design the home of your dreams, freedom to pick everything from the door handle to the colour of your walls and freedom to implement your own style, preferences, aesthetics and favourite design elements that fit within your budget to create just that – Your New Dream Home!

Therefore, depending on whether you reserve your new home with us early enough, we offer our Full Special Personalised Bespoke Designed For You Package, which gives you the privilege as an early buyer to personalise the interior as you like. Your new home is a blank canvas and you will be invited to have the final say in terms of the final touches, choosing from our range of fixtures and fittings, discussing closely with our expert in-house interior designers all the details! From the design stage to handing over the keys to your new home, our design team would gladly help you through the process of researching the perfect details for your bespoke home, from the front door handle to your dream kitchen design! And with a whole new family home to decorate, you can create different moods throughout your home to suit all your needs and desires!

4. Location

The house is located in a small picturesque riverside village, called Kirkfieldbank, within the beautiful sought-after picturesque Clyde Valley area, South Lanarkshire Council, right on the banks of the famous River Clyde in Scotland, less than an hour drive from both Glasgow and Edinburgh! It is situated approximately one mile from the historic town of Lanark and two miles from New Lanark, one of the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Scotland. Historically, Kirkfieldbank was economically dependent on horticulture, with the fertile soil of the Clyde Valley referred to as the ‘Fruit Basket of Scotland’. Today, Kirkfieldbank is primarily a commuter village, due to its proximity to the larger towns and cities, including Lanark, Hamilton, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Less than 5 minutes-drive by car from Kirkfieldbank is Lanark - the best-known town within the Clyde Valley, providing all of the required facilities and amenities, including access to the rail network, a broad range of local shops, supermarkets, banks, post office, health centre, leisure centre, gyms, boxing & dancing clubs, retail park, a great selection of pubs & cafès and restaurants and a variety of sports and recreational facilities including the Lanark Golf Club as well as many famous Clyde Valley garden centres, providing a huge range of shopping and physical activities. Lanark also has a selection of excellent nurseries, playgrounds, and modern Grammar and Primary schools. In addition, Kirkfieldbank forms part of the Clyde Valley tourist route and is close to the popular tourist attraction of New Lanark - beautifully restored 18th century cotton mill village close to the Falls of Clyde, attracting visitors from the local area and beyond as it is internationally recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What’s more, in the area are also the beautiful Castlebank Park and Lanark Loch, providing excellent walks and incredible nature sights for the outdoor enthusiast as well as the area-famous Tinto Hill. At 711 metres at the top, Tinto Hill is a very popular landmark in the area, providing breathtaking views of the Lanarkshire’s horizon. The property is situated close also to the popular Clyde Valley Caravan Park sitting alongside the River Clyde offering a great weekend getaway in the summer months. Lanark is much favoured also because of its good transport links through the local train stations, providing prompt and easy access to Glasgow and Edinburgh, giving good access to both West and East Central Scotland, ideally situated for commuting across the Central Belt of Scotland

With great links to both Glasgow and Edinburgh by car, train or bus, you also have the joys of being close to the nature, by the river and enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the Falls of Clyde right on your doorstep. Therefore, we believe that the house’s village location offers all the comfort and sense of community that comes from the calm & peaceful village lifestyle in a perfect combination with the added bonus of having all the amenities of a large city within close proximity, providing opportunities for shopping, dining, entertaining, commuting, etc. In other words, the location is perfect for people, who are attracted to the idea of a slower pace of living, a closeness with nature, connection with the local community & neighbours and a strong feeling of belonging, but also want to have the convenience and all the benefits of remaining close to a larger city, where museums, theatres, cafes, bars, restaurants and shops are just a short journey away.

5. Property Features

· 2 Double Bedrooms

· 2 En-suite Bathrooms

· 2 Walk-in Wardrobes

· 1 Family Bathroom

· 1 Open Plan Living/Dining area and Family Kitchen

· Utility room

· Single Garage

· Garden

· Central heating

· Double Glazing

· Early Buyer Privilege

· Opportunity to Buy From Plan

If you already have started imagining this beautiful dream house of yours, do not hesitate to contact us and find out more information about this beautiful suburban Double-Storey New Build House!

For a 3D virtual tour of the house, check out the video below!

Please note the video and all pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

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