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Buyers rush to get more space - Scotland’s property market is BOOMING

According to some of the leading experts in the industry, Scotland’s property market is booming and one of the main reasons is namely the Covid-19 pandemic that changed completely our lives. As a result, people’s priorities and needs have changed - all people are spending now more time at the comfort of their homes, working and studying from home and they need more space – for example, an office, a second living room, or a huge garden for their children. Therefore, many buyers are willing to upsize to include an extra bedroom to use as an office and are prepared to buy a property outside the city centre and put up with a longer commute if it’s only a couple of days a week. The reason is that people have now realised they can work and study remotely, and they do not have to commute into the city centre every single day to go to the office.

Therefore, many people, who rent now are wishing to buy their own properties, people in one-bedroom properties want to expand to two, people with two bedrooms want three and so on.

Without any doubt, the main driver of this changed buyers’ behaviour when it comes to the property market is MORE SPACE, and outside space in particular!

There is a huge demand for outdoor space - whether that be a private garden, a back yard, a balcony or a little patch of grass. The trend is that more and more people are now on the market for more spacious homes closer to the great outdoors and there is an ever-increasing trend of moving out of the city, particularly to places where people can enjoy the outdoors and have a more relaxed, rural way of life.

Outdoor space is a gold mine and there is no better place to find a

beautiful, spacious home, close to nature with a huge outdoor space and opportunities to explore the great outdoors than Bonnie Scotland!

As real estate agents, we have also noticed a record interest in our new property development in Scotland’s Central Belt and it is safe to say that in a slightly bizarre way, Covid-19 has put countryside villages like the picturesque semi-rural South Lanarkshire’s village Crawford on buyers’ main property radar. In this regard, we are pleased to offer a great New Build Luxury & Spacious Family Home with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a double garage and a huge private garden in Crawford.

In addition, we are happy to offer a range of new properties – 3 apartments and 1 Court House, prominently located in the beautiful countryside in Clyde Valley that are close to the popular Clyde Valley Tourist Route, providing excellent walks and incredible nature sights for the outdoor enthusiast. The properties are also just one mile away from the popular tourist attraction of New Lanark – the beautifully restored 18th century cotton mill village close to the Falls of Clyde, which is internationally recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our properties benefit also from good transport links through the local train stations, which guarantees prompt and easy access to Glasgow and Edinburgh, giving good access to both West and East Central Scotland, ideally situated for commuting across the Central Belt of Scotland. What’s even more exciting is that the lucky new owners will have the opportunity to choose the design and the finishing’s if they reserve early enough!

If you are interested, do not miss out, check the For Sale section of our websites and register your interest today!


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