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Our TOP 5 Best Tips For New Landlords

Becoming a landlord for the first time in undoubtedly overwhelming experience.

It is understandable to be excited and to jump into new actions and decisions.

We decided to put together our best tips the team at VG Homes came up with and addressed to potential and existing new landlords.

1. Security is Top Priority

Excellent night lighting, security system, reliable door locks and where needed - window locks. Do not forget to run fire alarm check regularly too.

2. Have A Good Communication with your tenants

VG Homes are here to make sure you are always in good terms with your tenants.

We will make sure there are no angry tenants, no lock outs and no heartache. Leave your property and your tenants in safe hands and have nothing to worry about.

3. Use Legal and Official Agreements

Always make sure to trust us with the Legal Part.

VG Homes would always work in your best interest and use non generic lease agreements and forms and make sure they are updated with the latest property laws.

Using simple templates downloaded from the internet may get you in trouble - Therefore leave that to us , we are here to protect your investment.

4. Prepare for surprises

There will always be something you did not hear of or never thought of. Do not panic. VG Homes are here to explain it to you on accessible and simple terms and help you or guide you to anything you may come across as a landlord. Learn from new experiences or unexpected situations and believe that help you become better landlord.

5. Always use your head, not your heart

As exciting as becoming new landlord is,one must always act towards investments by listening to what is rational and right to do at the time.

VG Homes are here to always be informed with the latest property news, trends, prices, rent values, rates, local guidelines . Leave the decisions to the experts and you will never be disappointed.

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