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5 Interior Trends Dominating in 2022

The experts are telling us how we'd decorate our house in 2022 and VG Homes is bringing you the essence in 5 most noticable trends...

From nature inspired details to natural lights and more.

Green Shades

During the pandemic the most important part of our daily lives was our connection with

nature. This is clearly reflected in all interior aspects in 2022. After so long being trapped indoors we have come to appreciate the uplifting power of nature.

Searches across the media and especially Pinterest sees increase of 80% in searches for green interior ideas.

Design experts claim that what everyone is trying to achieve is to bring "the outisde in". It has been a trendy looking to bloom for half a decade and 2022 will finally see it come into fruition.

Cottage decor

One of the trends that started emerging in 2021 and will continue to dominate the interior in 2022 is the #

cottagecore decor movement. Again , like the previous chapter cottagecore brings the outdoors in on every possible way. It embraces sustainability and celebrates a return to artisanal skills such as foraging and home baking. The very essence of cottagecore is to celebrate and manifest the rural life. Something that suits #Scotland very much on every possible way.

Cottagecore is an ideal. It creates a warm feeling when one thinks about how wonderful it would be to live a simpler, more bucolic existence. It comes to leave in you the feeling of #small-#town life.

Sustainable interiors

2022 will see a further emphasis on #sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing, and the reuse and resale of furniture and home ware.

Organic and sustainable approach will take the lead in all aspects in fact not only when it comes to interior but also exterior, garden space and even structure.

When it comes to the indoor space

specifically this will will have an impact into how we buy furniture or will see us how move towards furniture items with reclaimed woods and accessories with recycled detailing like door knobs, ornaments ,frame and more ... investing in meaningless furniture will prove to be a thing from the past.


Arches are a feature making a huge comeback in 2022.

Arches of any kind- door #arches, window arches,arches as shelf feature.

Or even if you decide to renovate your bathroom or kitchen - you will not be making a mistake if you choose arch pattern tiles.

Harking back to Roman times, arches feel very contemporary all of a sudden.

If you are buying your new home in 2022 from plan you have the chance to choose the right feature for your living room and opt for an #arch door.


Cork is another hue comeback in 2022 and especially #cork flooring as a choice.

Not only being #sustainable and

eco-friendly but also very earthy and smooth leaving the warm feeling of a home.

Cork has natural thermal properties which means it is great for heat insulation and can be a much cheaper alternative to underfloor heating.

Some extra tips on us:

MAIN TRENDS IN 2022 : Colour depth, natural & sustainable materials, texture matters.

MAIN INTERIOR COLOURS: Greens and mustard. Mint Green kitchens, pistachio bathrooms, olive living rooms... Mustard yellow terracotta and tiles.

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