Hello and thank you for popping to our marketing page ! 

Here at VG Homes we strongly believe that each property is just as unique as every human.. And since every home is unique we treat it that way - considering its strengths , be supportive towards its weaknesses and seeing through it in order to capture "the big picture".

We design our marketing packages in order to show your property in its best possible light.


With over 80% of today's property market happening online 

we mastered the art of social media presence and online content. 

We can help you set up and support you to bring up your online 

campaigns, social media and marketing campaigns.

Each and every property we market being for sale or to let, commercial or residential will be listed on our websites and across all the popular platforms including Zoopla, Rightmove and the social media channels that prove to be so essential such as Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Pinterest and even YouTube. 



Newsletters or the so called  e-mail marketing campaigning has proven to be a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing of the new age. Newsletters are the preferred way of all businesses and retailers, not only on the property market, to put their products ,offers or trends directly in their potential customers Inboxes. It also provides the opportunity to add a personal touch and show that you care about your buyer,tenant or investor. At VG Homes we have our own and established platform of newsletter distribution meeting all privacy and data protection requirements of the new era.


Needless to say how crucial professional photography is when it comes to selling or letting out your property. 

The right angle, lighting, techniques are a must when it comes to building the portfolio of each and every property that comes to the market. 

Having our own in-house professional photographer we've got the full package in order to produce top quality selection of large imagery for digital and print marketing materials to boost the presentation of your investments.

Camera from Above